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A traditional wedding is a stressful event. It can make a couple feel more like party planners for someone else's party! Many couples decide to elope to somewhere like Oahu, Hawaii because they feel like a traditional wedding is more about the guests than about the couple. They want to take back the day for themselves - and they have every right to!

Traditions are simply things that have been done over and over until people think this pattern is the way things have to be done. But you can be part of a new tradition - one that frees and empowers people in their own relationships!

In the heart of , away from the crowds, you can truly focus on your shared experience.

When you're so focused on making sure everything happens the right way at the right time in order to keep your guests happy, it's hard to focus on the real reason you're even having a wedding. In that kind of environment, it's not only difficult to have time to yourselves, but challenging to be in the moment and hold onto that experience as a long term memory.

It can become a blur for the wedding couple. An intimate wedding in the solitude of Alaska is a great way to strip away the distractions and intensity of a wedding day so you can focus on creating a memorable experience together.

At a traditional wedding, you're rushing people in and out of photos. The photographer is essentially herding cattle. There's only a small window of time for photos of just the wedding couple, and chances are, you're going to be feeling the stress of the day. You don't have time to relax and you don't want to struggle through strict poses or disingenuous prompts.

On an elopement, you're free from the burden of a complicated wedding day. You're on vacation in Oahu, Hawaii and you have an Oahu elopement photographer to document your adventure! You have hours to have fun and capture genuine, natural moments!

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